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Welcome to our FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions section. Here we will try to answer the most frequesntly asked questions we get. If you are looking for information that you don’t see around the site we hope you will find the answers here.
If there are questions you don’t see an answer to here then please feel free to contact us by phone or by filling out our contact form.
1How often should I get an oil change?

Typically the oil change interval recommended by automotive maintenance centres is every 3 months or 3,000 miles, whichever comes first.

This recommended oil change interval has been around for several years and most auto centres adhere to it.

This is simply a guideline and there are many factors, such as an older vehicle which may cause issues.

If issues arise before your scheduled oil changes, please visit our auto centre and we can check it out for you.

2How often should I need to get new shocks or struts?

Shocks and struts do not require replacing at specific mileage intervals like filters or spark plugs, but they do wear out.

Struts usually last for 50,000 TO 60,000 miles but have been known to wear out at 30,000 miles.

If you are not getting the smooth ride that you previously had, or frequently tow a trailer or cargo you may need new struts or shocks.

Bring your vehicle to DPD Auto Centre and we can diagnose and repair your vehicle struts or shocks.

3Are your technicians certified?

Yes. W employ 3 Licensed Class A technicians, 4 Air Conditioning Certified Technicians and 2 Ontario Drive Clean licensed repair technicians.

4Will DPD Auto service our fleet?

Yes. We do provide Fleet Auto Repair Services. DPD Auto Centre offers 10% parts and labour for Fleet Services.

Our centre offers convenient same day service with shuttle services for your employees.

5Do you have a shuttle service?

Yes. DPD Auto Services offers shuttle service to and from our auto centre.

6How long have you been doing business in Kingston?

DPD Auto Centre has been providing quality auto repair services at the corner of Taylor Kidd and Gardiner's Road since 1988.

We have been establishing solid customer relationships with our top notch diagnostic and auto repair services for over 23 years.

7Why does my brake pedal vibrate when I brake?

There are a few reasons why your brake pedal vibrates when braking.

It would depend on what type of brakes and braking system your car or truck has.

It usually means that your rotors may be warped but other issues such as loose wheel bearings or brake parts can also cause vibrations.

Additionally, a bent axle shaft could be causing these symptoms.

We recommend that you bring your car or truck into our auto repair centre for a brake checkup.

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