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You love your vehicle. Let DPD Auto Centre help take care of your car or truck with quality auto repair service and maintenance and a full line of of high performance tires.

A common situation that occurs after new car maintenance schedules expire, is the failure of the vehicle owner, to source an another auto maintenance program to help extend the life of their car or truck and reduce costly repairs to aging auto parts.

DPD Auto Centre can custom tailor a vehicle maintenance program that is convenient and affordable for you.

Regular visits to to DPD Auto Centre in Kingston, will help our certified and experienced auto repair technicians understand the particular issues your vehicle may experience, which in turn, can reduce the amount of diagnostic time involved. Regular auto maintenance can also help us catch issues before they fail and can help save you a great deal of money. Timely replacement of auto parts experiencing wear and tear helps extend the life of your vehicle and significantly reduces the cost of major repairs caused by damaged parts.

At DPD Auto Centre, we take care of your vehicle by doing an inspection of all the essential parts of your vehicle whenever it comes in our shop. We are proactively aware of potential problems with your vehicle and can repair it before something worse happens.

Whether it is something as simple as an oil change or as complex as a transmission or radiator flush or pH balance, our certified auto technicians are looking out for you and will partner with you to develop and execute a perfect maintenance schedule that works best for you and your vehicle.

For company owners we encourage you to contact us to find out more about our Company Fleet Auto Maintenance Programs.  Fleet Vehicles may experience potential auto repair issues more frequently due to the duration and frequency that the car and trucks are on the road. It is important that safety issues  or other issues are detected and repaired quickly to minimize the length of time your fleet vehicles maybe out of commission.

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