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Your vehicle exhaust system maintains engine performance and reduces noise and harmful emissions.  Faulty systems cause reduced engine efficiency, increased fuel consumption and harmful pollutants.

Learn more about why your exhaust system is essential to your vehicle's performance.

 Why is your exhaust system so important?

Your exhaust system maintains engine performance and works to reduce noise and harmful emissions through the use of a catalytic converter. If any part of the exhaust system isn't functioning correctly harmful pollutants are released into the environment. Beyond that, the engines operating efficiency is reduced and fuel consumption is increased dramatically.We understand cars like only a company with the experience we have can. That is why we understand how essential your exhaust system is to your vehicles performance.

A few other key components of the exhaust system include the muffler and resonator. If you have ever heard a very loud vehicle roaring down the road then you know what it sounds like to have a faulty, broken or missing muffler. The muffler reduces sounds by cooling the exhaust as it exits the vehicle through a large number of tubes perforated with tiny holes. These tubes and holes are as finely tuned as an instrument and are designed to reflect and disperse the sound waves produced bu the explosions contained inside your engine block essentially canceling out the noise.

The resonator that some vehicles are equiped with, in conjunction with the muffler, help further reduce the sounds your engine is creating. It looks very much like a muffler and contains a calculated amount of air and it's size is specifically tailored to your vehicle to ensure performance is maintained.

DPD Auto Centre Technicians are trained and certified to diagnose and repair your vehicles exhaust system and are here to help before or after trouble arises. Remember, regular maintenance can prevent failure and prolong the life of your vehicle.

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