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You love your vehicle. Let DPD Auto Centre help take care of your car or truck with quality auto repair service and maintenance and a full line of of high performance tires.

DPD Auto is a certified Ontario Clean Air Test and Repair facility. We conduct emissions testing, ensure exhaust and emissions control equipment are functioning, provide all repairs required and provide you with a certified reciept.

The Ontario Drive Clean program helps drivers make smart choices about our vehicles.

Thorugh proper maintenance, drivers have an opportunity to provide both monetary and enviromental benefits including:

  • Save on fuel consumption
  • Prolong your vehicle's life
  • Help protect the air we breathe
  • Early detection of potential costly repairs

Although there have been many improvements in vehicle-emissions technologies for newer vehicles, it is improtant to have your vehicle tested and corrected yearly to minimize harmful emissions as your vehicle ages. The program is especially important for vehicles that were manufactured prior to the new technologies as these vehicles can be a major source of harmful emissions.  The Ontario Clean Air Program has a huge impact on consumers and provides us all a chance to breathe easier but finding a good drive clean test facility isn't always as easy.

Reasons for Testing:

  • Renewing or licencing your vehicle.
  • Buying or selling a used vehicle with a model age older than the current year
  • When requested for registration renewal

If you are required to have your vehicle tested for any of the above reasons, contact us and we will book you an appointment for as soon as possible to have your test done.

For more information on the Drive Clean Program please visit this link.

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Ontario Drive Clean Test and Repair CentreDPD Auto is an Accredited Drive Clean Test and Repair Centre

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