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You love your vehicle. Let DPD Auto Centre help take care of your car or truck with quality auto repair service and maintenance and a full line of of high performance tires.

Your vehicle tires sustain major wear and tear through tough Canadian winters and notorious road construction season.  Weather, rough road conditions and time damage your tires and may cause other vehicle problems.

DPD carries top quality tires and provides all services related to your tires.

Our specialty and one of the largest parts of our business and industry is tires and our tire repair service. Our services include wheel balancing and tire rotation for your car or truck. We have partnered with the best in tire manufacturers to provide our customers' services and products they can rely on. No matter the driving conditions or terrain we have something for everyone. 

How to tell you need new tires

There are many reasons why you may need new tires.

Tread Wear

The tread wear on car and truck tires differs due to terrain, skidding, weather and time.  DPD Auto Centre checks the tread wear on your tires each time you bring your vehicle in for auto checkup or repair.  It  is easy to tell that your vehicle tire tread is worn through a visual inspection.  These visual signs are cracking in the sidewalls, blistering and bulging.  You can also look at the tire tread indicator markings on the tires.

Other signs to help you identify when you might need new tires are:

  • wobbling when driving
  • braking is slower
  • vibrations when driving
  • adding air to your tires more frequently (slow leaks)

If you experience any of the above symptoms when driving your vehicle, bring it to DPD Auto Centre.  There are other issues that may be causing some of these symtoms like wheel alignment and wheel balancing.  We can help determine what the issue is and if you need new auto tires, our certified professionals are here to help you make the best decision for choosing your next set of tires and provide installation and a comprehensive warranty.

We support all major brands but partner with Michelin, Uniroyal and BF Goodrich  to provide an all round great experience on the road and off. Find out how we are making a difference to our customers.

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