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You love your vehicle. Let DPD Auto Centre help take care of your car or truck with quality auto repair service and maintenance and a full line of of high performance tires.

The certified auto technicians at DPD Auto Centre take the utmost care to ensure your brakes & braking system work perfectly when you need it to. We understand the importance of protecting you and others on the road.

Do you need new brakes & brake repairs? Learn to identify potentialbrake repair issues early.

We ensure the necessary brake repairs are completed and recommend new brakes suitable for your car or truck.

Proper brake performance is mandatory to ensure safety for your family and others on the road. Your vehicle brake system is a complex system of parts and fluids that work together to ensure your vehicle stops when you need it to stop.

There are two basic types of braking systems; drum and disk. Most vehicles today come with front disk and rear drum brakes and almost all include an anti-lock braking system (ABS) to prevent skidding or slipping on wet or icy roads. Computer controlled ABS brakes are designed to allow you maximum steering control while preventing dangerous brake lockups in panic braking situations.

You do not have to be a brakes & brake repair specialist to know that your brake system is breaking, however if you want to learn more about brakes and braking system, visit HowStuffWorks.  We have also listed some common warning signs that you may need new brakes or brake repairs.

A much ignored part of this system is the emergency brakes.  When is the last time you had them checked?

 Brake Failure or Service Warning Signs:

Most of the time there are warning signs that your auto brake system is not functioning correctly.  One of the most obvious is a lit ABS light on the dashboard if your car or truck has anti-lock brakes. You may be able to hear the signs or feel the signs of potential brakes issues while braking or driving.  Here is a list of symptoms which let you know to bring your vehicle to DPD Auto Centre for brakes checkup or brakes repair.

  • screeching or squealing during braking
  • minimal resistance on brake pedal
  • brake pedal vibrates or pulsates during braking
  • clicking noises during braking
  • excessive drag during acceleration
  • vehicle pulling to one side

Emergency brakes should be checked perodically DPD Auto Centre urges you to have your brake system including emergency brakes checked periodically to ensure that they are in good working order. You do not have to be a brakes & brake repair specialist

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