Guarantee & Warranties We stand behind our promise

DPD Auto Centre is dedicated to customer satisfaction on our auto repair services. We have a 90 day labour warranty on most parts and honour parts and tire manufacturer warranties.

When dependability matters, DPD Auto is the place to get it done right the first time. Find out which products we choose and how we look out for your safety.

What We Do Best

We take care of our Kingston customers and their vehicles. Our certified technicians are here to implement the best auto repair or maintenance solutions for you.


Exceptional Kingston Auto Repairs

Our certified and experienced auto mechanics and technicians consistently deliver honest, dependable and affordable auto repair and maintenance services in Kingston.

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Featured Auto Services

  • Tires - Complete Service

    Your vehicle tires sustain major wear and tear through tough Canadian winters and notorious road construction season.  Weather, rough road conditions and time damage your tires and may cause other vehicle problems.

    DPD carries top quality tires and provides all services related to your tires.

    Brakes & Brake Repairs

    The certified auto technicians at DPD Auto Centre take the utmost care to ensure your brakes & braking system work perfectly when you need it to. We understand the importance of protecting you and others on the road.

    Do you need new brakes & brake repairs? Learn to identify potentialbrake repair issues early.

    Vehicle Maintenance

    A common situation that occurs after new car maintenance schedules expire, is the failure of the vehicle owner, to source an another auto maintenance program to help extend the life of their car or truck and reduce costly repairs to aging auto parts.

    DPD Auto Centre can custom tailor a vehicle maintenance program that is convenient and affordable for you.

    Ontario Drive Clean Program

    DPD Auto is a certified Ontario Clean Air Test and Repair facility. We conduct emissions testing, ensure exhaust and emissions control equipment are functioning, provide all repairs required and provide you with a certified reciept.

    The Ontario Drive Clean program helps drivers make smart choices about our vehicles.

    Exhaust and Muffler Repair

    Your vehicle exhaust system maintains engine performance and reduces noise and harmful emissions.  Faulty systems cause reduced engine efficiency, increased fuel consumption and harmful pollutants.

    Learn more about why your exhaust system is essential to your vehicle's performance.

    Oil Changes

    Oil Changes are one of the most common ways you can protect your vehicle and extend it's life. When you ignore the fact you need an oil change you are causing the viscosity of the engine oil to become lower which can be the cause of a great many issues for your car.

    Fleet Services

    DPD Auto provides complete Fleet  Auto & Truck repair and maintenance services.  Proper maintenance of your company vehicles will  preserve its value and ultimately save you money on parts or vehicles replacement costs.

    DPD Auto Centre offers a 10% discount on parts and labour for Fleet Auto Services.

    Wheel Alignment & Balancing

    Wheel alignment and  balancing are equally important in ensuring consistent tire wear and efficient steering.  Timely wheel alignments and balancing can extend the life of your tires and help ensure a safe and smooth ride.

    Learn to identify early warning signs for wheel alignments and balancing.

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Ontario Drive Clean Test and Repair CentreDPD Auto is an Accredited Drive Clean Test and Repair Centre

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